Monday, September 15, 2008


We had a great visit this weekend with Fred, Anna and Elliot. Bill, Fred and Andrew went to the MU football game Saturday then turned to the television for more football action. Meanwhile, Anna, Jordan and I went to town for some quality mall time followed by a wonderful meal at Addison's, a downtown restaurant that has great food and a lively atmosphere. Anna and I will be dreaming of that chocolate nearly-flourless brownie wrapped in phyllo, drizzled in chocolate and caramel and served warm with vanilla bean ice cream until our next visit.
Elliot is getting so big and really had fun playing with his big cousins, as they had fun playing with him. He is quite the kisser and even Sasha got some lovin'. He spent quite a bit of time wearing Ethan's old Tigger outfit, which looked so cute on him, especially when he and Lainey started bouncing up and down and dancing. It might even be on the Halloween short list. Another highlight for him was riding the big mower with Uncle Bill. He was VERY interested in steering it around.
Sunday we actually got to go out in the back yard and up to pet the horses. Saturday was a five inch rain day, so it was great to be out. Also, Jordan had a haircut Saturday from my salon gal rather than Cost Cutters. Wow! You can definitely tell when someone has a really good cut. She seems quite thrilled with the new look. Fun weekend!!

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